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Fusion IONZ Black™
The Fusion IONZ Black™ is our highest end decorative wristband. Available in Black.
MSRP $120.00   On Sale: $67.00
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Product Overview
The Fusion IONZ™ Black Series is a silicone decorative bracelet that pairs well with any outfit, with it's sleek black color and metal plating.

Made with 100% medical grade silicone for total comfort.
How to Use
The Fusion Ionz™ Black band is adjustable from an extra small size to extra large. To use, we recommend wrapping the band around your wrist, pushing the round metal piece through the appropriate hole at a comfortable size, and sliding the rubber "looper keeper" over the metal piece in the hole. This design holds the band on at an almost permanent basis.
Medical Grade Silicone.
The unit itself is made with 100% surgical grade silicone for durability. This is means the silicone is biocompatible and is 100% comfortable.
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